The One Question All Senators Need To Ask Before Voting On Impeachment

When the US Senate gathers this week, they will hear facts presented as speech. They will decide if words begat action. I suspect that the men and women stating the House of Representatives’ case will mostly rely on the words and Tweets of the disgraced 45th president, Donald Trump himself, in making their case. They will try to connect timelines and mob actions as they attempt to show how the then President's words incited people to action.

Many will debate whether Trump had First Amendment rights to say whatever he wanted. Others will point out that it is illegal to yell “Fire” in a crowded theater; therefore he can not say what he wants.

The question that needs to be asked is simple. “If President Trump had NOT said the things he said, would the raid have happened?”

Simply remove him from the process and ask, did these individuals who violated the most sacred space on American soil act on their own? Did they storm “down Pennsylvania Avenue” because they chatted amongst themselves in the parking lot that morning and conceived the plan? Did they decide randomly on their own, weeks earlier, that they would attend a rally on the same day that the President tweeted a date to convene on the nation’s capital to “Take it back?”

Was it just divine circumstance that the out of the blue chant “Hang Mike Pence” coincided with a tweet from the “commander-in-chief” to make the Vice President pay for his lack of allegiance to Trump?

Were any of the incendiary individuals worried that an assault on the nation’s capital would be greeted with condemnation from the then-sitting President? Were they concerned that their actions would result in criminal charges? Or was their assumption that their leader, the previously mentioned Mr. Trump, was going to protect them. That he had their backs?

Were the flamboyant attitudes displayed by the rioters and their self-promotion on social media as they were committing treacherous acts, the acts of individuals concerned about the fallout? Or perhaps they seemed assured by certain ‘words’ from a certain high up source that they would be protected in spite of their transgressions.

Was it purely circumstantial that the Proud Boys began to ratchet up their plans for their rally shortly after being told to “Stand By” by the President?

If President Trump did not appear at the rally that morning and rev up the crowd with defiant language and rally cries to “show strength,” would they have preceded with such impunity towards the Capitol?

“We fight like hell, and if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” Had these words not been spoken to an agitated group of individuals would they have found the gumption to storm the world's greatest symbol of freedom?

One hundred Senators I suggest you ask yourself the one question.




A Man of Our Times. A man looks at his world through culture, arts, music, books and politics. Did I mention music?

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Tom Genes

Tom Genes

A Man of Our Times. A man looks at his world through culture, arts, music, books and politics. Did I mention music?

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